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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Retraction: Due to tertiary measures: we have discovered a serious error in a News Article relating to Blog Rorate Caeli

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Retractions are not things any service enjoys to send out, especially not public, readable ones, however: in the interest of accuracy, and in accordance with our general policy, they are utterly necessary when we make mistakes which are larger than typing errors, which we are known to correct.

This retraction involves 2 events which both occurred, to our knowledge: in Bavaria, Germany, at around the same time: one conducted by the FSSPX / SSPX, a sect which was acting in direct disobedience to the Vatican via what they did, and the other done by the FSSP, who have left the SSPX for the mainstream.

Rorate Caeli reported on the ordination of 5 FSSP priests, seemingly in Bavaria Germany, at the same time as we were reporting on the Ordination of three SSPX priests in Bavaria, Germany. We assumed that they had misreported on the same issue, and they did not, to our knowledge note in their artilce any link to the FSSP.

The only hint, which we assume was certainly there at the time, was which bishop did the ordinations. We are not however in the habit of researching SSPX Bishops mentioned, and did not research the name provided by the blog: Rorate Caeli, which would have turned out to be a mainstream Catholic Bishop. We changed our rating in our articles of Rorate Caeli, from Catholic, to sympathetic with the SSPX, due to a perception that they were endorsing schism, something which took allot of time, when in fact Rorate Caeli were actually congratulating partakers in a perfectly licit event, simply nearby the proximity of another event.

We therefore are wading through the 8 Scripturelink Service articles we had altered, in order to take away our endorsement of Rorate Caeli as Catholic: now returning their status to Catholic!

With our multiple search resources, which we usually use, we apologize for assuming that we understood a story, without the adequate research, which we will hopefully provide in future. It is our public, and private search engines, by which our articles have become as sound as they are, along with general knowledge of the faith. We have in the past researched every important name mentioned by sources, perhaps we should return to this policy, at least where sources appear to have discrepencies: rather than simply noting apparent discrepencies.

Whenever we change the status of a seemingly Catholic website, we generally ensure a second opinion: in case we have made an error, in this case we asked Trinity Communications to review Rorate Caeli, noting our perception, in accordance with general policy. They returned our request, by noting that it was not in fact the SSPX ordination, which Rorate Caeli had been referring to. We then fact checked their conclusion, via the research we should have done into the Bishop who was noted as ordaining the 5 priests, and verified their facts.

It is fortunate that we were the ones who initiated an investigation into our own facts: via our tertiary, and just about never before necessary: policy of getting an informed, external second opinion, rather than have an error pointed out to us in a manner unrequested. While I regret making an official retraction, which we have not made in more than a while, I am glad that our service caught the error. Any errors in any sections of our articles, are important enough to adjust, and any errors can be reported to us, so that we may alter them.

The article directly affected has been altered. Changes made due to that article, have been changed back to the extent that the error has in our observation: been contained. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Marc Aupiais News Section

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