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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another oddity in South Africa over the Latin Mass

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As I was unable to attend the Latin Mass meeting, all the way in Pretoria yesterday, I sent someone who was attending my proxy and that of a fellow of mine.

The monsigneur- who had informed us he would only do the mass if at least 30 people were in attendance- something that seemed reasonable- but which does seem against the wishes of the Vatican- informed all who had travelled so far that he had had a sudden change of heart- he would no longer do the Latin Mass with them- this at the third meeting simply to finalize the location.

He said they could find out in October about another priest he might ask about it. Pretoria is over an hour's drive from Johannesburg, and many people put off important things to comply with this meeting- we share our empathy with them for their disappointment, especially as I personally have not until recently had any interest in the Traditional mass- except in a feeling that God desired it.

Sadly- in a country where holding hands during the Our Father- seems the norm, despite this not being a Catholic symbol, and not something with a biblical source- something utterly foreign to the rubrics of the mass, nor permitted without Vatican Approval that I have ever seen- which no document I have seen gives, and where communion is taught to be received on the hand- against the norms in the rubrics I have seen, and against what Vatican II said.

It is no secret that the South African Church has a crisis- with so many not understanding basic doctrines- or else not attending mass at all.

So, in truth- I had hoped the Latin- not only would achieve what Pope Benedict had intended, but also reunite SSPX members with the church, as well as increase Orthodoxy in general as it has in other nations.

Unfortunately- we once again must wait on another hope- I do know of Parishes in South Africa who adhere to the desires of the papacy to permit the Latin form of mass, and I do know of some developments, but for now we need to wait and hope- and obey God as best we are able.

Sad defeat often turns into great victory- I only wish I knew why there is such a negative attitude about this Valid form of mass among many priests- to the extent that many Catholics are in open Schism with Mother Church- simply because they desire to worship as they used to- in what Vatican II had set forth as the Ordinary form- Latin!

Please continue to pray for the Advancement of the right we used to follow for over a millennium- the one which was called the ordinary form- and has the imprimatur of Trent- of God's most famous council upon it.

This said- the colloquial is valid- and we do not disobey by following it- just the opposite!


Nicholas: Co-Ordinator PE said...

How disappointing - I wonder why the Priest changed his mind?

I am in PE, so obviously could not attend the meeting, but was there "in spirit".

It is sad that there is such opposition among many elements of the clergy, and even the laity.

Still, prayer and perserverance must surely pay off: please do not give up! That is precisely what opponents of this Mass want. There are inspiring stories of groups overseas who have battled, against seemingly insurmountable odds, and were faced with disappointments such as yours, who eventually had theire prayers answered. It IS possible, and CAN and MUST happen - it has happened in many places in the US especially, also UK, Europe and Australia and elsewhere, why not in SA? You people in Gauteng also have the advantage of a much larger (numerically and as a percentage) Catholic population that here in the Eastern Cape. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP! I hope that another Priest is soon found to say the Mass.

Here in PE we do have a priest who has kindly agreed to learn the Mass and offer it publicly when he is ready - please keep this important intention in your prayers too.

Where else are there initiatives of this kind, of which you are aware? Is there anything in Cape Town or Durban?

God bless.

Orthodox said...

Dearest Marc and Friends of the TLM

Greetings once again in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Just a follow up on your post, both myself and another member of 'Summorum Pontificum Johannesburg' were in attendance at the meeting.

It was quite dissapointing when we found out that Monsigneur no longer wished to be a part of this great initiative, however in my own personal capacity, I do not wish to force any member of the clergy to do something that would be against his own will.

In his own words, he stated repeatedly that he did not see a "felt need" which would promt him to provide the extraordinary form of the Mass for those who so desired it.

As of yet and as can be expected, those who have been exposed to the traditional liturgy and are now fighting for its reintroduction are quite small. Those who have not been exposed to the TLM, are even smaller in number.

Nevertheless, in uniting ourselves with our fellow Catholics such as Nicholas, we must continue to turn to God in prayer in the hope that our spiritual heritage might one day be restored herein South Africa, in its official diocesan capacity.

I must state however, that the Traditinal Mass and Sacraments have been provided here in South Africa for quite some time, even going as far back just after the time of the changes of 1969. I am here refering to the Priests of and those who worked closely with the Society of St. Pius X.

In going back to what I mentioned previously, we need to firstly consolidate ourselves as traditional Catholics here in South Africa under one banner, and with the help of God we need to expose the great benefits and graces contained within the traditional liturgy to those who have had no contact with it or have not been in contact with it for a number of years.

Please be assured of our prayers

On behalf of Summorum Pontificum Johannesburg, I remain your unworthy brother in Christ and our Good Mother

Calvin James Montgomery
"Summorum Pontificum Johannesburg"

Marc Evan Aupiais said...

Thanks you both of you, I am praing, and pleased that I had effect, I only saw the comments now, over a month leter, God bless and thank you, Marc

South African Catholic

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