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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BBC Reports on the Papacy's strongest yet condemnation of Holocaust denial: "revoke: or never be readministered to ministery" (Paraphrase): Pope to Williamson

(Insider Confessions Analysis; c.f. BBC World News (Secular; British; Government; a source we find professional) 04 / 02 / 2009 (4th Feb 2009 16:51 GMT + 2); VIS: Vatican Information Service: 04 / 02 / 2009; Rorate Caeli (Catholic; Traditionalist; independent; not endorsed by us) February Archives )

Article by Marc Aupiais

While the Vatican has issued another strong Statement against Williamson's holocaust denial: BBC World News: Reports that the Vatican will not allow SSPX Bishop Williamson (anointed against the wishes of the Vatican, during the pontificate of Pope John Paul the Second) to return to duty: until he recants his views: essentially preventing him, as he and his fellow SSPX bishops and priests: currently already are prevented: from exercising legitimately: authority as a bishop (or as a priest). Essentially: this signs another possible impasse between the Society and the Church: which could prevent any visible and real Unification from occurring(the society is still not permitted to exist or operate by the church).

Vatican Information Service Reports:


VATICAN CITY, 4 FEB 2009 (VIS) - Holy See Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J. made the following declaration yesterday afternoon:

"With reference to the latest requests for clarification concerning the position of the Pope and the Catholic Church on the subject of the Holocaust, it should be borne in mind that the Pope's ideas on this matter were very clearly expressed at the synagogue of Cologne, Germany, on 19 August 2005, at the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau on 28 May 2006, in the general audience of 31 May 2006 and, more recently, at the end of his general audience of 28 January this year, with unambiguous words of which we highlight the following: 'As I once again affectionately express my full and indisputable solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters who received the First Covenant, I trust that the memory of the Shoah will induce humankind to reflect upon the unpredictable power of evil when it conquers the heart of man. May the Shoah be for everyone an admonition against oblivion, negation and reductionism...

"The condemnation of Holocaust denial could not have been clearer, and from the context it is obvious that this also referred to the views of Msgr. Williamson and to all similar views. On the same occasion the Pope also clearly explained the purpose of the remission of the excommunication, which has nothing to do with legitimising Holocaust denial - something that, as we have explained, he clearly condemns".

(Online Version: VIS: Vatican Information Service: 04 / 02 / 2009)

BBC world news, which has been commended on professional handling of the Williamson issue: has reported that the Papacy has stated that they will not readmit English SSPX Schismatic: Bishop Williamson into the Roman Catholic Church's ministry: unless he recants his views on the holocaust. Williamson, as with all members of the "Priestly Fraternity" of the irregular grouping known as the SSPX, are still suspended, and not permitted to act as priests or as bishops. Their lifting of excommunication allows them to confess, but not give confession, they are essentially being treated as normal members of the Catholic church: and not as bishops as yet.

Williamson's grave penalty of latae sententiae excommunication, occurred as he accepted SSPX founder: Marcel Lefebvre's anointing as bishop: against the wishes of the Vatican.

While lifting this specific excommunication: in order to pass an impasse with the society: in which they were demanding both this: and wide availability of the Latin Mass: in the regular church: before negotiations continued: the Vatican did not lift the suspensions of either the SSPX Bishops, or of their priests,and the status of the society remains the same: with Catholics deterred from attending their masses: if at all viable.

According to BBC:

"A statement said Bishop Richard Williamson must "unequivocally" distance himself from his statements to serve in the Roman Catholic Church."
(BBC World News (Secular; British; Government; a source we find professional) 04 / 02 / 2009 (4th Feb 2009 16:51 GMT + 2))

Meanwhile: traditionalist blog: Rorate Caeli: claims that the whole situation: was somehow orchestrated to make the papacy look bad. According to them:

Fiammetta Venner, who they name a "lesbian" activist, along with her"partner", informed the Swiss press of the infamous (up to "300 000" Jews Gassed- claims by Williamson) interview: actually based, according to them: on a Canadian interview, which the SSPX Bishop was asked about. Rorate Caeli, quotes a document sent them, which claims that it, along with other events; were considered (according to a document sent them) too well timed: and they seem to claim that there likely is a Vatican document: alleging a plot, involving someone inside the Vatican.

While the actual post does not have a permanent link, which we can find: their comments window, with 55 comments, has the option to view the original post: this is the link to such:

Rorate Caeli, were one of, if not, the first source to air on the lifting of the excommunications: before this occurred, and are highly regarded by many sources: they have been quoted on both SSPX and mainstream internet sources. Rorate Caeli claims to have been informed of such, before several Italian Journalists aired the possibility of forces within the Vatican, or a force: working to disrupt the Image of Benedict XVI. They claimed, that they had believed that these claims should not have been aired by them, as Rorate Caeli: before being noted elsewhere: which has occurred. We cannot verify the Rorate Caeli claims, or that of those they note to have also released such. They are, however interesting, and certainly warrant investigation. French Secular paper: Liberation, itself, sees the blunder of the Vatican, as odd: considering the manner in which Benedict XVI has dealt with the Jewish communities in the past.

According to the BBC, the papacy had no knowledge of the comments/situation of Bishop Williamson, in this they quote:"Cardinal Walter Kasper, who is in charge of relations between the Roman Catholic Church and Jewish leaders," who "admitted different parts of the Vatican administration had not talked enough to each other, and failed to check where problems could arise." (Both quotations in this paragraph: BBC World News (Secular; British; Government; a source we find professional) 04 / 02 / 2009 (4th Feb 2009 16:51 GMT + 2)).

Whether or not there was a plot: one can almost be assured: that the Vatican's press, and / or public relations related functions: need to investigate: how it was possible that the Papacy was not given the information needed to predict what occurred, or to be able to release a press statement with the excommunications' lifting: which would have clarified what they have now had to say.

While the SSPX's top brass are no longer under the harshest punishment of the church: their members still operate without license of the church, and their bishops are still suspended, as with their priests. Except in necessity, Catholics are warned to avoid their masses. Except where their is chance of death: their Sacrament of Confession must not be asked of them.

Before the SSPX can be readmitted to the Catholic church: acceptance of the authority of Vatican II, is likely a non-negotiable. The so-called "Society of Saint Pope Pius X" (SSPX), was formed to reject certain reforms occurring because of the council, even though the Late Marcel Lefebvre's signature, is clearly recorded on the council: and despite the direct affirmation by the papacy, speaking outside of the council: during the council's duration (Ecclesiam Suam point number #6), via an encyclical: as an "Ecumenical" council.

Vatican I, defines the code by which Vatican II, is to be universally accepted as free from doctrinal and moral error, as the church: by the faithful within Holy Mother Church.

Views about Judaism, and the holocaust within the society itself, may differ, especially when dealing with parishioners: which are not officially defined: as to whether or not en masse they are in schism (some are, some are apparently not): our news source monitors several traditionalist, and SSPX sources online, and we also have personal contact points within the irregular grouping: at different levels: via which we are able to gain a gauge of their activities and perceptions. Tough negotiations lie ahead of Vatican and society, and many obsticles: before the Society can once again rejoin the church.

Two well read traditionalist sources: Rorarti Caeli, and Fr Z, the first of which we monitor, the second of which we know of: but where the information was come accross, while browsing the internet for sources, and information: both seem to affirm: that Catholics are to treat the society in the same manner.

Rorati Caeli covers the their analysis of the current status of SSPX here, quoting what they say is a article in an edition of: L'Osservatore Romano:


Following the reactions caused by the recent Decree of the Congregation for Bishops, with which the excommunication of the four Prelates of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X was remitted, and regarding the negationist or reductionist declarations on the Shoah from Bishop Williamson, of the same Fraternity, it is considered convenient to clarify a few aspects of past events.

1. Remission of the excommunication.

As already published previously, the Decree of the Congregation for Bishops, dated January 21, 2009, was an act by which the Holy Father graciously responded to the reiterated requests by the Superior General of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X.

His Holiness desired to remove an obstacle which prevented the opening of a door to dialogue. He now expects that an equal disposition will be expressed by the four Bishops in complete adherence to the doctrine and the discipline of the Church.

The extremely grave censure of latae sententiae excommunication, in which the aforementioned Bishops had incurred on June 30, 1988, then formally declared on July 1 of the same year, was a consequence of their illegitimate ordinarion by Mons. Marcel Lefebvre.

The removal of the excommunication released the four Bishops from an extremely grave canonical censure, but has not changed the juridical position of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X which, at the current moment, does not enjoy any canonical recognition by the Catholic Church. Not even the four Bishops, though released from the excommunication, have a canonical function in the Church and they do not exercise licitly a ministry in it.

2. Tradition, doctrine, and the Second Vatican Council.

For a future recognition of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, the full recognition of the Second Vatican Council and of the Magisterium of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and of the same Benedict XVI is an indispensable condition

As it was already affirmed in the Decree of January 21, 2009, the Holy See will not avoid, in ways deemed appropriate, discussing with the interested [party] the still open questions, so as to be able to reach a full and satisfactory resolution of the problems which originated this painful division.

3. Declarations on the Shoah

The positions of Mons. Williamson on the Shoah are absolutely unacceptable and firmly rejected by the Holy Father, as he himself remarked on the past January 28, when, referring to that brutal genocide, reaffirmed his full and unquestionable solidarity with our Brethren receivers of the First Covenant, and affirmed that the memory of that terrible genocide must lead "mankind to reflect on the unpredictable power of evil when it conquers the heart of man", adding that the Shoah remains "for all a warning against forgetfulness, against denial or reductionism, because the violence against a single human being is violence against all".

Bishop Williamson, for an admission to episcopal functions in the Church, will also have to declare, in an absolutely unequivocal and public manner, distance from his positions regarding the Shoah, unknown to the Holy Father in the moment of the remission of the excommunication.

The Holy Father asks to be joined by the prayers of all the faithful, so that the Lord may enlighten the path of the Church. May the effort of the Pastors and of all the faithful increase in support of the delicate and burdensome mission of the Successor of Apostle Peter as "custodian of the unity" in the Church.

From the Vatican, February 4, 2009.

[Translation according to original version,
published in L'Osservatore Romano, February 5, 2009 - PDF file]


A seguito delle reazioni suscitate dal recente Decreto della Congregazione per i Vescovi, con cui si rimette la scomunica ai quattro Presuli della Fraternità San Pio X, e in relazione alle dichiarazioni negazioniste o riduzioniste della Shoah da parte del Vescovo Williamson della medesima Fraternità, si ritiene opportuno chiarire alcuni aspetti della vicenda.

1. Remissione della scomunica.

Come già pubblicato in precedenza, il Decreto della Congregazione per i Vescovi, datato 21 gennaio 2009, è stato un atto con cui il Santo Padre veniva benignamente incontro a reiterate richieste da parte del Superiore Generale della Fraternità San Pio X.

Sua Santità ha voluto togliere un impedimento che pregiudicava l’apertura di una porta al dialogo. Egli ora si attende che uguale disponibilità venga espressa dai quattro Vescovi in totale adesione alla dottrina e alla disciplina della Chiesa.

La gravissima pena della scomunica latae sententiae, in cui detti Vescovi erano incorsi il 30 giugno 1988, dichiarata poi formalmente il 1° luglio dello stesso anno, era una conseguenza della loro ordinazione illegittima da parte di Mons. Marcel Lefebvre.

Lo scioglimento dalla scomunica ha liberato i quattro Vescovi da una pena canonica gravissima, ma non ha cambiato la situazione giuridica della Fraternità San Pio X, che, al momento attuale, non gode di alcun riconoscimento canonico nella Chiesa Cattolica. Anche i quattro Vescovi, benché sciolti dalla scomunica, non hanno una funzione canonica nella Chiesa e non esercitano lecitamente un ministero in essa.

2. Tradizione, dottrina e Concilio Vaticano II.

Per un futuro riconoscimento della Fraternità San Pio X è condizione indispensabile il pieno riconoscimento del Concilio Vaticano II e del Magistero dei Papi Giovanni XXIII, Paolo VI, Giovanni Paolo I, Giovanni Paolo II e dello stesso Benedetto XVI.

Come è già stato affermato nel Decreto del 21 gennaio 2009, la Santa Sede non mancherà, nei modi giudicati opportuni, di approfondire con gli interessati le questioni ancora aperte, così da poter giungere ad una piena e soddisfacente soluzione dei problemi che hanno dato origine a questa dolorosa frattura.

3. Dichiarazioni sulla Shoah.

Le posizioni di Mons. Williamson sulla Shoah sono assolutamente inaccettabili e fermamente rifiutate dal Santo Padre, come Egli stesso ha rimarcato il 28 gennaio scorso quando, riferendosi a quell’efferato genocidio, ha ribadito la Sua piena e indiscutibile solidarietà con i nostri Fratelli destinatari della Prima Alleanza, e ha affermato che la memoria di quel terribile genocidio deve indurre "l’umanità a riflettere sulla imprevedibile potenza del male quando conquista il cuore dell’uomo", aggiungendo che la Shoah resta "per tutti monito contro l’oblio, contro la negazione o il riduzionismo, perché la violenza fatta contro un solo essere umano è violenza contro tutti".

Il Vescovo Williamson, per una ammissione a funzioni episcopali nella Chiesa dovrà anche prendere in modo assolutamente inequivocabile e pubblico le distanze dalle sue posizioni riguardanti la Shoah, non conosciute dal Santo Padre nel momento della remissione della scomunica.

Il Santo Padre chiede l’accompagnamento della preghiera di tutti i fedeli, affinché il Signore illumini il cammino della Chiesa. Cresca l’impegno dei Pastori e di tutti i fedeli a sostegno della delicata e gravosa missione del Successore dell’Apostolo Pietro quale "custode dell’unità" nella Chiesa.

Dal Vaticano, 4 febbraio 2009
posted by New Catholic at 1:29 PM 27 comments"

(Rorate Caeli (Catholic; Traditionalist; independent; not endorsed by us) February Archives)
According to them, this was posted to their site: "WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 04, 2009"

Again, we must link to a comments page, for both the quotation, and the date:

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