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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An apology

(Tridentine South and Southern Africa; South African Catholic; Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a recent article, I mentioned, while rebuking the organization SSPX- that Vatican II asked for English to be complimented in Latin also- while for ignorance, I do not hold guilt for this, I believe i violated canon 1372 to some degree, and issue an official apology. I also mentioned "South Africa's Liberal Bishops", I should have said, possibly some of our more liberal bishops- and not generalized, nor do I mean this in the American sense of the word. I also did not mention that it could have been other factors. I was speaking not just as an apologist, but as a person who has had a close friend decide to join the SSPX, I was attempting to place this in context, and also rebuke the organization, but in doing this I fell for some of their arguments, while not for their main thrust, I apologize for this. I pride myself in my high rating for fidelity, and apologize, and as with my previous policy, vow never to cover up a mistake in such matters, and so have not only removed my mistakes as best I can, but also am bringing my own self up on these- so that it is clear that I have made an error in what I said. I will research my handy translation of Canon Law in order to further address any other errors.

As I said, I will inform of any errors of my own quite publicly, when it comes to issues when this is the decent thing to do. If I am incorrect in anything I have said, please inform me, I will alter any errors. I am old in apologetics, but new in journalism.

I also have allot of respect for South Africa's bishops, and again apologize if my article at all aided the leadership of the radical traditionalists, it was an error in my theology which I utmost revoke to quote Vatican II on the issue as i have, without also mentioning, as I now have- the later pronouncements and acts of the papacy.

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