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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Catholics are meant to take communion on the tongue

(c.f. EWTN- case for communion on the tongue) While the church permitted bishops in areas where it already occurred- to allow communion on the hand- the mass use of this practice in the modern era is an abuse- and endanger the loss of respect for the sacrament-

The church itself sets forth as the norm- the way people should take communion- as communion on the tongue.

When we go to church- often we are unaware of so many doctrinal points- such as the necessity of this doctrine- or the fact we are not permitted by the official doctrines or works of Mother church to hold hands during the our father- or many of these other things-

The Latin mass truly is our heritage- not so much as in that it preserves these images that give us respect for God- but in as much as Vatican II actually desired the beloved Novus Order- to be said in Latin in most cases.

A good site on what should happen in mass- recommended by Catholic culture is-

The strict rubrics and procedures of the Tridentine mass- often ensure obedient following- even so- we truly wish more people would practice the NO mass more in line with the desires of the church- remember- you are there to pray- to worship- not to hear a man speak!

The spirit of the Lord- is in the utmost details of our obedience- and cannot be the being behind any disobedience- truly- what does not gather scatters- and what is not from God- does not gather- for evil does not result in good-

Fidelity to our wondrous desert dry public worship- to the very detail of every word of truth- is our way in salvation- whether Novus Order, or Tridentine- we must most perfectly perform every action- and with our entire being worship and manifest the Truth- our God- always demonstrating in body language and respect exactly whom we worship!

In fact- communion on the hand- emerged again with the protestants who rejected the real presence- and took it on the hand to symbolically show this:

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