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Tridentine South And Southern Africa, started with a campaign involving the promotion of Pope Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum Latin mass. The idea was to help those who left the faith for lack of Latin to return, and to also promote the beautiful old mass among South Africans. South African Catholic News Service, a division of then known as South African Catholic, began supporting this campaign, and also using Facebook to promote efforts at reigniting the Latin Mass in South Africa and possibly in the future: surrounding areas. Tridentine South Africa was created for that purpose, as well as a service by which South African Catholic (SACNS) was able to promote orthodoxy to the dogma of the church, including Vatican II.

Our service does not only promote one or other form of Latin, we also do not support any mass outside of the church, or those doing these masses. Our service favours the preserving of Latin in the liturgy, as well as majority or all Latin services: in accordance with Vatican II.

Our service is also a Vatican Watcher, and reports on applicable news and information. Tridentine refers to the Council of Trent, known as the start of the counter-reformation, by which the Catholic church began to regain much of its identity from schismatic elements and heretics, who like today, had been preventing the Gates of Heaven, and supporting the gates of hell: in the view of the church, which strongly condemned its opponents. Our service does believe that Vatican II, while having many pastoral elements, like any council could, is also a valid council, and should be accepted as dogma as far as it teaches the doctrine and morals of the church!

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